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Is it time to take your business, creative idea or your whole life to the next level?

In order to create next level success you need next level skills, thinking and actions. 

"You can't create a new level of success,

with your old skills, old thinking, and your old way of doing things." 

 --Shari Kingston Emmy Nominated Producer, Neuroscience Researcher and Transformational Business Coach 


We're turning Dreamers into Creators

When I say "Creators" I don't just mean the creative kind, I also mean creators that "create" their dream business, dream ideas and dream life!

Become the


you were meant to be and find deeper success
with leading mindset and business consultant, Shari Kingston. She went from marketing executive to neuroscience researcher to now an Emmy-Nominated Producer, writer, and transformational coach who has helped New York Times Best Sellers, Olympic Coaches, TV show hosts and countless other entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, creatives, artists, healers and non-profits find success and go from dreamers to creators. 

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Discover the not so obvious conscious and unconscious fears, resistance, and doubts that stop most dreamers from taking action and traps them in procrastination, overthinking, scattered thinking, indecisiveness and/or perfectionism.

Finally FREE Yourself and gain the power to change, create more happiness and build the life & business you always dreamed of.

Ambitious entrepreneurs, dreamers and creatives are usually big thinkers and creative thinkers, but they can also become paralyzed by their fears, doubts and resistance. This causes them to get stuck, stop trusting their ideas, feel overwhelmed and get confused about what to do next. This happens to dreamers just starting and to the most successful entrepreneurs. Most of the time they don't understand "what" is happening and get frustrated, thinking something is wrong with them. When they can't eliminate the fear, doubt or resistance they turn to one of the dream killers for protection or to hide: procrastination, overthinking and/or perfectionism.

This training gives you the 7 conscious and unconscious "mental blocks" that stop most dreamers. Learn how to shift your mind to FREE YOURSELF and regain the control and power these mental blocks have over you. You'll also learn the secret "work around" that helps free your creative mind so you can finally take action without the resistance.

Coming Soon!
Young Female Artist

From neuroscience researcher to facing loss and depression to Emmy Nominated Producer and Transformational Coach 

Hello Creative Friends.....

My name is Shari and my story has not been a straight path.  It's been a winding road full of peaks and valleys-- and a few plot twists.  Before becoming a mindset and business coach I had an eclectic career that has given me a very unique set of skills and experiences, coupled with some life tragedies that have shaped me to my core.


I started out in sales in the natural food & health industry when it was in its' infancy and then climbed the corporate ladder to become a marketing executive in the industry. I was a part of forging the path for many now multi-million-dollar brands. As this industry changed, I decided to change and take a new path in product research in the area of neuroscience and natural therapies.  I worked with research teams, universities, governments, doctors and alternative health practitioners. Studying & testing how to correct neurotransmitter imbalances, improve well-being, enhance mental performance and improve focus with natural medicine, mindfulness, psychology, self-therapy, food, detoxing, and non-traditional therapies.  I created educational programs to teach doctors, health practitioners and even patients. 

After being laid off from my job, I realized that I didn't want to go back to the corporate world, so I started consulting. I started consulting other natural health companies and health practitioners in marketing, creating education courses, product development, leadership, operations and building a brand. Soon, entrepreneurs, non-profits, coaches, and creatives, not in the natural health industry, started reaching out to me for the same support. My consulting evolved to include the years of neuroscience and human behavioral research I had done previously, to help my clients with leadership, mindset and productivity. I was working with New York Times best-sellers, Olympic coaches, and CEOs.  On paper all this looked impressive, but there was always a tug at my heart, that said, "Shari, you were meant for more than this."  I just never knew what that meant.

It wasn't until both my parents died unexpectedly a few years apart, a health scare with my son and then my business mentor and his wife committing suicide, that I would unknowingly start figuring out what I was meant to do. I discovered loss and grief have a funny way of breaking you wide open so you can see what's not real in your life and discover what is. After all this happened, I had to step back from my life and work because I felt like I had a rug pulled out from under me. My perspective on life, success, happiness and fulfillment was all under question.  I was feeling depressed, overwhelmed, and lost. I couldn't see my future path ahead of me anymore. The stress from all this caused me to lose 60% of my hair and get a rash on most of my body. I was a natural problem-solver, but I couldn't figure out how to solve THIS problem so I could succeed, be happy and find peace in my new normal.  

So instead, I just kept asking myself, "what matters most to me?".  For a long time, I had a hard time answering this.

Slowly after focusing on healing my grief, diving deeper into my faith and exploring how to find happiness again, I started to see what mattered most to me. I discovered it was my family, my freedom to be me, exploring my faith, finding authenticity, feeding my curiosity, finding fulfillment, shedding unauthenticity from my life, creating true connections and connecting to my true creative self.  The "creative self" that craves creative expression and creating a meaningful life. I had ignored my creative nudges for years and that inner voice that said, "Follow Me." I finally decided to step into my true creative self and turn my creative nudges and the things that mattered most to me, into a reality. 

Over the next few years, I took tiny steps and big steps towards what truly mattered to me and filled my soul, which led to many unexpected successes. I started a tiny urban flower farm, I started working as a producer on a TV show, I started working with other creative clients, I started helping non-profits grow their impact, I remodeled two houses, I began consistent mediation, prayer & journaling practices, I launched a holiday food drive that ended up feeding 800 people, I took a 4000-mile road trip with my family, and I went on a 6-day creative solo retreat in the mountains.  These creative steps helped feed my soul, heal my soul, give me passion again and show me that living from my true creative self is what I'm meant to do.  I now focus on creating happiness and success from the inside out--not the other way around. Through all this I became an Emmy-Nominated producer and currently I'm also writing a book with my son about our journey with his health.  All of this happened, because I decided to step into my true creative self.  I had no idea that one decision and focusing on finding success from the inside out would lead to so many beautiful experiences. 

How has this transformed how I help other big-hearted creatives & entrepreneurs I realized that it's what's happening on the inside of us that's dictating our ability to achieve success, happiness, fulfillment, faith, and even peace. I still help my clients create "outside" success and grow their big ideas but now we also focus on helping them tap into "their" source of success, happiness and peace on the inside of their true creative self. This is a powerful process that transforms you forever.  This process allows my clients the access to their true creative self so they can create a stronger FOUNDATION to build their best life, business and state of mind on. A foundation that can support them in good times and bad. 

The Holistic Approach to
Business, Life & Happiness

This approach embraces the fact that "all your stuff" is inter-connected

The Practical Stuff: think marketing, product creation, branding, selling, revenue, communication & customers
The Fun Stuff: think connecting, growth, community, creativity, curiosity, play, freedom, traveling & friends/family
The Personal Stuff: think your wellness, environment, fulfillment, rest, priorities, contributions, & your inner mind
The Deep Stuff: think purpose, mindset, grief, healing, wounds, self-therapy, emotions, faith, inner work & soul-searching
The Overwhelming Stuff: think systems, organization, productivity, employees, change, new skills, challenges & emergencies

"How we lead each aspect of ourselves --our lives, businesses, relationships, words, emotions, actions & minds-- have a ripple effect on one another and collectively create our experience of life. True leadership (and happiness) begins first with SELF leadership."   
--by Shari Kingston

Companies & Organizations that have worked with Shari

Urban-Conversion Gina and Rodman.jpg

Gina & Rodman Schley

PBS TV Show Hosts, Flower Farmers &
Real Estate Expet

"After working with Shari, we felt reinvigorated to unfold our movement in a way that honored each of our unique gifts.  We are confident, and slightly giddy, now that we have renewed direction and focus.  It is also magical to see the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place once we said our vision out loud."


Joe Theisman

Former NFL Player, entrepreneur & TV Broadcaster

"Shari is the full package. She understands the skills needed to create successful projects and successful people. She helps build the person and then helps them build their big ideas, she's amazing. She's a true leader in what she does."

Testimonial Mona.jpg

Mona Catmull

Artist & Entrepreneur

"Shari really is a creative genius, helping people rediscover their creative self. She helps you see beyond your vision of what's possible. Her programs helped me reconnect with my creativity in a way I didn't think possible. She's amazing to work with."

Happy Female Gardener
We are all creators of our own...


woman home office.jpg

"Lead or be led.
Do you want to be led by others, groupthink or even your own negative self-talk? Learning how to lead and trust yourself (from your true self) 
is the first step towards learning how to successfully lead projects,
businesses, big ideas, big lives & others."
--Shari Kingston 

Cave Hiker

It's time to start moving in a direction
that actually transforms YOU.

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