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Business development focuses on the "doing", compared to the personal development focuses on the inner thoughts, emotions and creativity that fuels the doing. Using The Creative Way I help you take control of your outer world so you can be productive, creative, successful, inspired and fulfilled.  I also help you take your idea and develop a business plan around it.  Or help you take your existing business and show you how to grow it or transform it into something that aligns with your goals now.

I help you take your ideas from your mind, out into the make them real.

I help with productivity, systems, marketing, growing skills, branding, business planning, logistics of business and how to expand.

Office Manager

What You'll Learn

How to Master Your Time, Schedule & Priorities

Learn how to tell your story, communicate your uniqueness & get people to take action through your fundraising letters, social media, on the phone or in person.

How to Create a
Success Plan for Your Business

Create a plan the works for your unique budget, staff size, donors and fundraising goals.  Get exact steps to start and make it to the finish line.

How To Follow Through & Get the Results

Learn how to use free systems, volunteers, your board and staff to help you follow through on completing your plan and increase your results.

Writing on a Notebook

Listen to training here or Download it

Listen at your computer so you can take notes and keep track of your ideas.  Or listen once "on the go" and again in your office to take notes.

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