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Branding and Marketing is about mastering how you communicate your brand MESSAGE, brand EXPERIENCE & brand CULTURE--consistently.

The AUDIT is a 30,000 foot view of all that an organization, non-profit or entrepreneur does, stands for and the experience it gives its' core audience...and all that know it. It also looks into the obstacles that are keeping it from growing and evolving.


The Audit is your FIRST STEP in developing your purpose and purpose-driven brand.  You first have to know where you are NOW before you know how to move forward. We help you look deeply into where YOU and your brand stand right now and this helps you clearly know where you want to go from there.

If you are looking to revitalize your organization or are in the midst of an identity crisis but aren’t exactly sure where to start, you’re probably in need of a The Audit.  If you are struggling to clarify your new "brand", you're probably in need of a The Audit. If you are moving towards a purpose-driven model, The Audit could be your first step.

We work with start-ups, non-profits, authors, consultants, bloggers, e-commerce, trainers, coaches and purpose-driven companies.

What is purpose-driven branding? It's more than just a buzzword. It's more than marketing and more than just public relations. It's how people see you, experience you and perceive you in all areas. It's the culture you create in your company and the one your create for your customers. It's not just what you SAY, it's not just what you DO, it's also what you choose not to do. It's how authentically you TELL & SHOW your brand story, brand purpose and illustrate your BRAND VALUE. This includes how you show up in social media, your website, the media, your industry, your customer service, at events, in sales & marketing and in your products and services.


ALL of this is purpose-driven branding....and you must have your brand messaging clarified and synchronized in all of these areas. For many of you, your brand story, brand purpose & brand value looks, feels and sounds different from one platform to the next.  Think of branding as synchronized swimming for organizations....all parts must have a purpose and be doing the same thing at the same time for it to work.

>>>Synchronizing your brand AMPLIFYS your brand story and purpose above everyone else's NOISE 

We help you clarify & tell your brand story and brand purpose--then we help you synchronize your story & your purpose, so you can start your movement.

Our inspiration comes from our clients, and we’ll lead you down the path to tell your unique story & uncover your timeless purpose....whether you need to conceive it from scratch or refresh it all.

Why hire a professional when you could DIY?

Many companies, start-ups, solo-preneurs and non-profits choose the DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to marketing and branding because  they believe it saves them time and money.  Not realizing that you spend more time & money trying to figure out what to do, recover from your mistakes and juggling getting it done with the huge pile of other things you are doing.

You could buy a "branding" course online or watch a webinar that tells you what you should do in general but last I checked not all businesses & founders are the same. Not all stories, purposes, priorities or industries are the same.  One on one support is so highly customized that no course could ever compare, plus we're helping you during the process and partnering with you--you're not alone behind your computer screen trying to FIGURE THIS ALL OUT.

You don't hire a professional because it's the "cheapest" and "fastest" solution.  You do it to get the help you need from someone who does this everyday, every year...for 18 years. The same reason you hire a plumber, doctor, engineer, landscaper or designer rather than do-it-yourself....the specialized expert KNOWS what they're doing and will help you get it down better, faster and without the headaches of DIY.

You hire a professional so you stop "putting off" transforming your brand into what it was meant to be.

Deep Understanding and Experience Creates Transformation

We've been doing this for more than 18 years and we may not be at Yoda's level of wisdom but we do have a deep understanding of how to clarify a company's brand story, build a brand, uncover purpose,  and how to avoid being normal, like everyone else. We are also experts in the fields of emotion & behavioral economics--the science behind why people buy or take action.


The organizations, dreamers & doers we work with are usually exploding with creative talent but they're so deeply engulfed in their concept, story and brainSTORMS they can't see the forest for the trees. 

We become your partner in helping you solve the overwhelm and see beyond the forest--so you can begin to finally make progress in the direction of your goals.

We do this by using our unique experience in public relations, storytelling, marketing, our extensive research into consumer psychology and the effects of brand psychology (do brands walk their talk).  These are benefits that entrepreneurs and brands can't find "in-house" because they're too covered in their own ideas, bias and judgments about who they are, what will work and how to create transformation.  An experienced and creative outside perspective can expand your vision and ultimately get you moving forward towards your dreams faster.

A marketing and branding audit from a professional helps you take all of your ideas, stories and brainstorms and we show you how to strip everything away except for your Truu essence....your core.  Then we uncover your story and purpose from that core. We explore unconventional and authentic ways of telling YOUR stories & sharing your purpose so people believe in you & love you as much as we do.

What do we do during a  The AUDIT?


Each client begins their journey by filling out an in-depth 20 page analysis that we've developed over the past 18+ years of working with organizations, founders & dreamers.


Phone meetings or in-person meetings with Truu North Founder:  During the audit process you will meet with Shari for 2 hours 2 times in person or via video/audio call. Each client audit is different so how these meetings are used will vary.  Plus, clients will receive two weeks of email support after the process is complete.  The whole process will take 3-4 weeks approximately.

We do Basic Research on your:

(In Depth Research ADD-ON service)


Core Target Audience

Revenue Streams, Products, Services

We do perspective interviews (ADD-ON service):

Current Fans


We do an audit and analysis of all your Digital & Traditional Communications:


Social Media


Public Relations

Customer List or Target Market

Customer Service and customer buying journey

We start digging during our Brand Archeology to unearth ideas about your:



​We explore Company and Founder Culture:

Leadership Culture

FollowGetting things Done Culture

Founder Culture

We do an analysis of the Intangibles & Opportunities:

All the things we can't put our finger on but we know is there or is missing.  We explore opportunities for growth, expansion or collaboration.

Conclusion Report: Discoveries, Suggestions and Clarifications:

This is when we pull it all together to make sense of it all.

We discover what's working and what's not.  We give you specific areas that need to be improved on NOW and how to do it.  We uncover opportunities and ideas about your brand story, purpose and messaging and your BIG movement--and how and where to share it. Lastly, we focus on next steps to help you grow. We give you a clear direction and to-do list so you can begin creating your big ideas immediately.

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