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What is
The Creator's WayTM?

The Creator's Way is a path to higher creativity, deeper living, happier souls and fulfilling work. It's a unique, one of kind method that focuses on creating your aligned life, where your work, life and inner self are working together, in alignment. 


The Creator's Way takes the "inside-out" approach as it works with individuals on their personal development and business development. I use principles & research from neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, core wound therapy, shadow work, and holistic phycology to help you understand that life, work & your happiness can be transformed by you in ways you never imagined.  I also use the powerful neuroscience research that I worked on that explored productivity, negative loops and healing core wounds to help increase success, happiness and overall perspective on life. The Creators Way also takes my more than 25 years of experience helping grow businesses, ideas & projects into their full potential. It It's a unique way of growing your life & work by focusing on personal development and business development that cultivates what matters most in those areas. 

It's a method that frees you from being controlled by your emotions, doubts, negative thoughts, your past and even other people-- so you can lead your life, business and spirit in a way that lets you live your purpose, find deep happiness and even find a deeper sense of success.  

Thinking of Ideas
"Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is True wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Master yourself is True power."  --Lao Tzu
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