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The KickStarter

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"After working with Shari, we felt reinvigorated to unfold our movement in a way that honored each of our unique gifts.  We are confident, and slightly giddy, now that we have renewed direction and focus.  It is also magical to see the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place once we said our vision out loud." – Gina Schley, Host of Urban Conversion *They just completed their 3rd season and are nominated for an Emmy. *SEE case study and series trailer here. 

The KickStarter is where founders, businesses, nonprofits and dreamers come to get clear on their next steps. 

You would be amazed how much can be accomplished in two hours, when we've done the necessary preparation ahead of time. 


Are you just starting your business, nonprofit or big idea?  Do you just have an idea and want to know how to turn it into a business?  Or do you have an established business but want to make changes or launch something new?  Then you are in the right place.

The KickStarter... is just that, a place to START and GET STARTED.


What if you had TWO hours of time with someone who has been hired by Whole Foods, Land Rover and numerous nonprofits, businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world to help them gain clarity, create their messaging and development fresh approaches to gaining focus, impact and growth? (The FIG approach)

Shari has helped her clients generate over $150 million dollars in revenue over her career.  These companies pay her 5 figures to work with them for just a few months. 

Now she wants to sit with you for two hours and give you cutting edge insight, strategies and out of the box ideas for your business, idea or nonprofit "specifically".  This isn't group coaching where you get generalizations, this is custom for YOU.

How does it work?

Before your two hour session you fill out an in depth assessment so you and Shari can understand your most important priorities, where you are today, where you want to go and what you want to accomplish during your KickStarter.  Shari helps her KickStarter clients with all types of things such as,

  • Create a Strategic Plan for your business or nonprofit

  • Create a Unique Digital Marketing Plan to Grow Your Reach & Revenue

  • Find Clarity on your idea, brand, messaging and mission

  • Find your brand voice and learn how to tell your story more effectively so people take action

  • Discover and Develop your online course

  • Creating a Product or Services Map so you understand how to hit your financial goals

  • Develop plans to grow your email list and your reach

  • Develop marketing campaigns to raise funds for nonprofits

  • Brainstorm session to come up with fresh ideas for your next products or services

  • Create a Social Media Plan to help you grow and expand your audience

  • How to create better systems so you can accomplish more and grow

  • How to overcome the procrastination habit and start taking action on your big goal

At the end of your KickStarter Session you will have a working plan, resources and a clear map to take your next steps right away.  You can email Shari up to 48 hours after your session to ask follow-up questions or gain additional clarity.

Email Shari directly to set up a free 20 minute consultation to explore your current situation and what you want to accomplish.  From there she can let you know if this is a good fit for you.


Email Shari today

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