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The Project-Starter

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"Shari was hired to help us with our digital marketing, branding and messaging.  She helped us create a unique but mission focused plan that allowed us to grow our audience and our brand.  She helped us develop fundraising campaigns, our social media platforms, a monthly newsletter and a public relations plan.  Her help contributed to huge growth in our social media, audience and our overall brand growth.  We gained so much clarity and focus from working with her for over two years."  Geneva T. COO of nonprofit  *see their case study here

We've been hired for a variety of custom projects.  Anything from creating a fundraising plan for a non-profit or creating a change management strategy for a global racing company to providing creative strategy consulting for a PBS TV show. 

We offer a fresh prospective and over 15 years of experience in developing innovative ideas, growing brands and launching creative ideas that grow.  If you need creative strategy to come up with innovative ideas or help you develop your own idea Shari can help. 

Sometimes all founders, dreamers or a group of people on a mission need is someone to lead their creative process and strategy and then help them implement--so they can make their Big Ideas come to life. 

Some of our amazing client projects

Go our Praise page and our Case Studies to learn more about these special projects

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Email Shari directly to ask questions or set up a free 20 minute consultation to explore your current situation and what you want to accomplish.  From there she can let you know if this is a good fit for you.   Email her today

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