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Stop Choosing Your Life! LIVE IT!!

How many of you are just filling your days with busy work?

Keeping yourself occupied so you don’t have to really examine what’s working in your life and/or in your business. Really examine if you’re just choosing the LAZY way of living or choosing the ADVENTURE. We all have this choice. There’s many things we could do to fill our days. There’s many things we could do to make money.

If I’ve learned one thing over the past couple years it’s….. life is much too short to choose what doesn’t feed your soul and doesn’t make us feel FULL. I’m not talking about just things that you like….I’m talking about things that you crave. I’m talking about things that make you feel ALIVE. We’re chasing our dreams and trying to follow our BIG ideas….and for what? Money? Gees, that’s just going to leave you empty and hungry for more. Living your dreams is about something more…something deeper.

I recently heard a quote that says,

“We shouldn’t CHOOSE what we do in life, we should LIVE our lives”.

So many of us focus most of our life busy doing and accomplishing and forget to LIVE. We forget to follow our soul’s compass, which is trying to guide us to our true North. We all have our own TRUE NORTH. Not our families true North…not our parents, our spouses or even our kids TRUE NORTH. We all have a unique path. As I walk my own path, trying to find my way I’m looking for my true North, I wonder what it looks like. Wondering why it’s not always clear. Wondering why it seems to lead me no where sometimes and then other times leads me right to where I need to go. Living your life out of bounds isn’t easy. It takes moments of soul searching and raw emotions. Who would have ever thought that following my dreams and having a business would become such an adventure in discovering my true self.


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