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What A Burger Teaches Us About Creating A Successful Business

I recently learned a great lesson from a man of FEW words. He said if you can’t explain your business, cause or idea in 7 words or less then you will fail. Bold statement I thought. But really if you can’t state not just who you are, but what makes you BRILLIANT in 7 words, how do you expect others to easily spread the word about what you do. Or even care for that matter.

I don’t have a long check list of tips or how to’s on doing this, just a challenge.

My challenge to you is to describe your business, idea or cause in 7 words but the key is, it has to be in a way that inspires, motivates and excites your ideal audience to take action. Action could be buying, going to your website, telling a friend or somehow putting something out there that makes others say, “I have to know more or tell someone”. An example of this is a real restaurant in Las Vegas that sells all types of food, but they are most proud of their high dollar hamburger that is like no other--the Fleur Burger that costs $5000.

They could go on on on about how it’s made, but what has gotten them the most attention, press, buzz and business is when they simply said, “We sell a $5000 hamburger.” This is bold and crazy but it made them millions.

Just Google $5000 hamburger and you’ll see the amazing coverage that they got. If they had gone into detail about what it’s made of and its’ decadent ingredients it wouldn’t have captured the attention of millions. That’s the key here people….there’s a lot of noise in marketing and PR…you’re message has to STAND OUT and STAND for something. It has to be LOUDER than the rest of the noise. Don’t be scared to be the $5000 hamburger in your industry. GO BIG and BE BOLD. You don't have to "create" some crazy story about your business or mission, just don't be shy about telling the truth about it.

I’d love to hear your 7 word descriptions…..


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