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We Design Our Lives--So Stop Designing An Unfulfilled Life

One day we wake up and realize...I don't like this job, this business, this LIFE. It's like an Aha! moment when it occurs to you that our choices lead us to where we are right now. If we have the power to create our lives, why do we get stuck re-creating stuff we don't like?

Is it habit? Maybe. But for me it was the "level" I placed myself in. People decide at some point that they "fit" into a certain group and a certain level in life. The "I'm always just under my potential" level, or "money is hard for me to create" level "I've always been over weight" level or "I always get disappointed" level or even the "I am stressed and unhappy most of the time" level. Most of us, if we took the time could recognize the level we've put ourselves on. HINT: it's the thoughts that dominate your mind. None of us do it on purpose or even consciously.

It begins with "real" experiences and our inner mind makes conclusions about "who" we are and "where" we belong in life by these. Then we click the "I agree" to the terms and conditions of these conclusions and as usual we don't actually read what it means for us!! But whenever we try to up-level our life and change our experience of life......our internal mind interrupts us and says, "Wait a minute!!! Who do you think you've always been at THIS level you can't rise up. We can't be something different...we have no experience of being something else."

The truth is though....people do it all the time. They completely transform their lives and decide to "design" a different life....they decide at any level that they want to up-level their life. People of all ages and backgrounds do this...which means YOU can too. People addicted to something for years break free, people who have struggled with money their whole life finally create that successful business, people take a chance on something new and it works.

We tell ourselves that we can't have what we really want. We have a long list of reasons why but remember there is also of story of someone who's had it worse, been challenged more and they find a way to live the life they've always wanted. It doesn't happen overnight, it doesn't happen on the first try and they may even quit a few times.......but they choose to keep going.

We lower our expectations because we have decided it can't happen for us. Why NOT?! Why can't we be one of "those" people who design their amazing life. We read about them, we admire them, we envy them, we tell ourselves it must be nice to have "that" life.

For me, one day I decided I wanted to be a person who consciously designs their life. I couldn't wait any longer. It wasn't a BIG proclamation, I didn't even tell anyone. I didn't get a big rush of motivation to move me to this decision--I just decided...quietly. It was between me and that inner voice that kept telling me that I had to stay at my current level. It was a conversation that was "real". It was the moment I could actually see myself moving up a live beyond my own limiting beliefs. In theory I understood "I" was the one keeping me from everything I wanted. But it was in that moment that it went from an idea or hope to really knowing it could be different. I didn't know HOW...I just knew it was time. It's like when you think about where you're going to go on your dream vacation and it's just in the IDEA stage but isn't when you book the trip and you're on your way there. There's a distinct difference in mindset from idea of what you hope could happen to I KNOW it's now going to happen.

The gate into my dream life had been unlocked the whole time....there was no secret key I needed to unlock it. I just had to claim it, step into it and believe it was there for me. Belief plays such a big role in where we go in life. No one achieved great things or changed their life without belief....even just a little dab of belief can grow into enough to get you to the top of your dreams, desires and hopes for your life. Stop wasting time, step into your dream life....the gate is already open for you.

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