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Why Should You Start A Blog?

Starting a blog

When people want information about a topic, problem or idea where do they go? They search the internet, right? Google and other search engines don't just look for static websites to help you, they look for "quality" articles and blog posts that fit your search.

We've all done it....we type in "best recipe for chili". Or "What does it mean if I feel tired and cranky all the time?" Or "How to find a dependable plumber", or "How do I write a fashion blog post?". Then within 3 seconds, BAM, a whole page of potential answers for us. The list of results are articles and blog posts that your search engine thinks will help you.

When someone gets their question answered by a blog, that blog and website's credibility is immediately elevated in their eyes. Not to mention, research shows website visitors spend more time on sites that have blogs. Instead of spending the average 15 seconds on a site (this is crazy, right?) they spend more than 4 minutes and in the digital world that's HUGE! Source: Hubspot

Some More Blogging Stats:

blogging Stats for your business or entrepreneurs

and more.......

  • 71% of bloggers who maintain blogs for a business report that they have increased their visibility within their industries through their blogs. Source: Hubspot

  • 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog. Source: FactBrowser

  • Once you write 52 or more blog posts, blog traffic generation increases by up to 77%. Source: TrafficGenerationCafe

Even Non-Writers BLOG!

I love to write so a blog was a natural fit for me but what if you're not a good writer or don't like to write. Lucky for you, blogs come in all shapes and sizes. You could do a video blog, an audio blog (i.e. podcast), photo blog or just write your posts in bullet points instead of like articles. You could even use a blogging service or freelancer to write your blogs for you. There are no rules so make it work for YOU.

If you're still wondering if you should start a blog, here are 10 reasons why you should start a blog....

A Blog Gives Your Brand & YOU a Voice: this is a place to talk more about your purpose and what's important to you as a brand. This is a place for your audience to get to know you....and fall in love with you.

Inspire and Help Others Through Your Blog: You can share stories or inspiring messages that help your audience with their specific challenges. You can share your story, how you overcame challenges or even share other people's stories. This is where you can "connect" with your audience and make them feel you understand their situation. This is how you get them to become "brand believers" and fall in love with you. I know I already mentioned LOVE but blogs really help you create "brand love" and in the overcrowded and loud online world brand love = brand success.

Helps You Refine Your Brand Purpose: If you are trying to shift the focus of your brand, find your brand purpose or uncover your brand's Truu North your blog is where you can define and refine this message. Share stories and gather feedback from your audience to learn more about what they need or want. This can be a place to experiment if you're not sure what you want to focus on.

Attract New Customers/Clients With Your Blog: Using SEO tactics (keywords, meta tags, links and long-tail keywords) within your blog posts enables your posts to show up higher in search engine rankings. Sounds hard doesn't it? It's not, just a little planning up-front and then it becomes second nature. A consistent quality blog can regularly land you on the first page of your ideal audience's search. If done right you can generate 100,000 visitors a month within a short time--depending on your topic.

Blogs Can Create New and Unexpected Opportunities: If you show up in searches more that means you are attracting more people to your site...all kinds of people. Not just customers but people who may have exciting opportunities for the media, other companies or even high-profile personalities. I've seen this happen many times with my clients.

Blogs can also create a portable lifestyle because many of them can be managed from anywhere in the world...WiFi is all you need.

Having a blog is also a great way to reach people you normally couldn't--using the introduction, "I want to interview you for my blog"....I have so many great examples of this but we'll leave that for a another blog post...let's just leave it that blogs can become a powerful benefit in connecting with people.

Blogs Naturally Help You Become a Better Communicator: The more you regularly create content, the better you'll become. Be OK with the first ones not being perfect. You have to create mediocre posts to get to your brilliant ones.

Blogs Create Ongoing Engagement with Your Ideal Audience: In today's economy customers want to interact with brands and the people they buy from. A blog allows you to create ongoing reasons for people to visit your site and get something valuable from you. They may not be ready to buy right now, but this ongoing relationship sets "you" up to being their first choice when they are ready or suggest you to someone else.

Stand Out and Illustrate Your Interesting Factor With Your Blog: Be creative and be willing to show off "your" personality or your brand's personality. The blog is a place to share what's interesting about your brand. If you are clear on your audience don't be afraid to talk "directly to them"....use their sense of humor or geek out on topics they love. Maybe it's where you are, your day to day life or how you "make stuff".

Validate Your Experience & Establish Authority Through Your Blog: By sharing your experience, knowledge or even your challenges you establish the fact that you are doing the work and KNOW what you're talking about. Don't be afraid to share what you're don't have to be the expert at all times. Sometimes the most successful posts are ones that share how you failed but what you learned in the process.

Make Money From Your Blog: I put this one last because it's important you understand all of the other 9 reasons before you focus on this one. It takes time but there are tens of thousands of success stories and you could be one also. Many people build a business around their blog, while others build a blog to support their matter which one you are a blog can become a powerful revenue stream. You can make money from advertising (i.e. Google Adsense), affiliate links, partner with corporations to sponsor your blog, write "sponsored" posts, or you can sell things directly from your blog. Like digital products, memberships, training or physical products. The sky is the limit really.

What are you waiting for??!! Go start you blog today on your website or through one of the many free blogging platforms.

Start Your blog Today

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