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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Giving Back

We donate a portion of all our profits to support projects that get humans to "unplug" and reconnect with nature, themselves & other humans-- so they can ultimately plug into their own true self.


Why the outdoors?

My own love of nature and the ocean grew from summers on a boat in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific NorthWest, taking family road trips through all of the Rocky Mountain Western states.  I also spent a summer in High School in the Hawaiian Islands for a Marine Biology program, which awakened my calling to learn about the sea. But it didn't end there, I was lucky enough to grow up in Colorado camping, hiking, fishing, going to my mom's family farm and my family's mountain cabin.  All of this taught me the value of spending time exploring and learning. These experiences showed me the lasting impact nature, wide open spaces and the sea can have on a person's life and soul.

We focus our support on projects that use experience based learning to teach humans how special, fragile, healing and extraordinary nature is--through first-hand experience. 

Our Focus:

Our focus is two-fold nurture & grow people AND Mother Nature.


Helping Nurture & Grow People: We support projects that encourage kids and adults to connect with nature and reconnect with the real world not just the digital & virtual world. It's about teaching them a healthy balance and hopefully awakening an unquenchable hunger to connect with nature. We also want to focus on how this connection with the outdoors translates into creating a connection with themselves & with other people.

Helping Nurture and Grow Mother Nature:

We support projects that help educate people and get them re-engaged with the animals & eco-systems around them-- and around the world. We also help projects that protect the creatures and natural places in this world, so they continue to thrive and grow for generations to come.

Conservation Support 

You don't have to be a "tree-hugger" or an "all-in" environmentalist to want to help protect the extra-ordinary creatures and natural places in this world. I grew up in a family of hunters and outdoorsmen but learned how to have a deep reverence for nature. I'm not an environmentalist--I'm a human who believes no one wants any of these creatures or places to disappear.  Many times it's a lack of information and first-hand experience that makes most people "not care", "not prioritize" or simply feel neutral about conservation. I don't want to be an US against THEM person--I want to have the hard conversations TOGETHER so we can all find a place of common ground.

We want to help people experience nature more so they understand how special, fragile,healing and absolutely extra-ordinary it is.

We want people, animals & ecosystems to co-exist and thrive.

We partner with projects and organizations through field work, outreach, immersion programs and education.

--Shari Kingston Adams

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Children in the Garden
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