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Truu North Experiences

We're bringing INSPIRATION, LEARNING and IMPACT together in our Truu North Experiences.


We want to help you build a LIFE instead of just a resume.

That's why we focus on what we call "Whole Life Learning".

"Feed your soul, start your movement and change the world."

Our Truu North Experiences are a unique learning & self-development process that brings together experience-based learning, self-development & social entreprenurial learning programs.


Our belief is....


We can't completly transform our lives sitting behind a computer, we must find our adventure and then LIVE IT!!

Find Your Truu North Experience.....


Truu North
Learning Centre 

Transform your commute, work-out, chores or day to powerful listening times with experience-based learning that feeds your soul, dreams and your plans of changing the world.  LEARN MORE...


Truu Emmersion Programs

Travel & Experience-based learning that transforms your soul and life while also giving back to communities all over the world. LEARN MORE....


Truu North
Field Guides

Resources that help people who want to change the world get inspired, recharge, reconnect with their mission and themselves. LEARN MORE...

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