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Escaping the Spiritual Rut

Most humans spend their time focusing on what's in front of them physically. The physical world that they can feel, touch and easily explain. What about the world that's unseen and not as easily explained? Like our beliefs, our spirituality and our faith.

Our lifestyles have pushed our faith behind our problems, texts, Facebook, celebrities and even political campaigns.

Our faith is something we focus on when we need it to make sense of a situation but most of us leave it at that. We don't grow it, explore it or even question it.

I should know about this pattern.... I was in that rut also.

I considered myself a spiritual person before my mom passed away. I believed I was a spiritual person but I also was a practical person living in the "real world" (of course implying that the spiritual world wasn't quite as important to me as the physical world). However, I had "beliefs" about how I thought the universe worked, how God fit into it and I really thought I had a good handle of God's plan.

And then one day I realized, I believed a lot but "knew" nothing.

My belief in God was strong but when my mom died I questioned HOW God wanted THIS to be a part of my destiny? How could my Mom being gone be part of the plan? I thought, "What's my REAL purpose for being here NOW?" and I constantly questioned, "What really happens when we die? Why do bad things happen to good people?" I was lost. I was lost in my physical world because now my spiritual life had been propelled (more like forced) into the front of my thinking and physical experience.

So many of us wonder why we're not happy and all we look at is our physical world for answers. If we were honest with ourselves, we're probably not living a happy spiritual life either. I've realized that my happiness and my faith are directly and deeply related. Notice I didn't say "spirituality". In my life, spirituality has been too abstract...I needed something more personal.

I didn't get a direct answer from God spelling it out for me but over the years I've realized it took this experience (and others) for me to really evaluate what I believed and why--then embrace it and LIVE it.

I realized I had gotten into a spiritual rut.......

We continue to believe or DO certain things and we never question them, we never take the time to study and ponder what we think and believe---and WHY.

I'm using the word GOD but this applies to anyone....regardless of your religious practice.

In order to have deep faith you have to constantly be learning, growing and evolving what you believe and know implicitly WHY you believe it. Not so you can explain it to others (which I wouldn't suggest)--- but so you can explain it to yourself when life deals you a belly punch and your faith is tested. This isn't a matter of IF....this is a matter of WHEN.

I now start each day with God. Thanking, praying and honoring this guiding force in my life. This didn't happen all of a happened slowly. Slow is good. I still slip and get pulled into my feelings when challenges happen or when people drive me crazy (or disappoint me) but I have my "balancing' practices that help me RESET my focus. I turn to walking, nature and music all the time. I walk in the woods or just down my street to help me dilute my emotions or thoughts of inadequacy, sadness or even confusion. I have my own playlist of songs that help me overcome my negative emotions, lack of clarity or challenging days.

I'm not here to tell you HOW to believe. I'm here to tell you to BELIEVE in something. If you don't know what that is, read, study, watch videos or go to events to go on a journey of self-discovery..... discovering what you believe. There are so many amazing teachers and messages out there--find something you connect with. I've found many teachers and messages that I connect with and sometimes I don't believe everything they share but I get value from so much of what they share I stay plugged into their message--along with many others.

Find FAITH for yourself. It won't show up to save the day for have to go find it. Start Your journey to find your faith and get out of your spiritual rut because your FAITH and BELIEFS will bring you LIFE, HOPE and the POWER to be HAPPY.

Here are a couple of songs from my:

Reset Your Mind---Reset Your Day PlayList

*this isn't about if you love the style of's the message!!! Start your own playlist!

Tell us what's on your playlist below!

No matter how hard it gets we can RISE are stronger than you think.

We are all just unfinished enjoy the journey

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