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2021 is a Call To Change From Deep Within Your Quantum Mechanics

What if I told you when you think negatively about others, you’re actually altering your brain physically, so it’s easier for you to continue creating that negative thought? And those thoughts are being felt by the people around you? What if I told you that what you focus on can simultaneously create a corresponding outcome in the physical world?

Now before you click away because you think I’ve gone crazy and stuck in some Woo, Woo BS…let me explain the science.

Quantum Mechanics has proven that our consciousness can impact the outcome of quantum experiments. Quantum physicists admit they don’t understand how our consciousness works or where it comes from, but they do know it's somehow connected to quantum mechanics and can change the outcome of their experiments. Research has found that “what” quantum physicists place their attention on during their experiments, change the experiment’s outcome. When they change their focus, the outcome changes with it. Take that in for a second….what they “focused” on in their mind changed the physical world on the quantum level. (1) This means “we” are somehow connected to the world around us because you, me, everyone and all the things around us are made up of quantum particles and our consciousness is somehow connected to the world around us in a way that allows us to change it. The consistent research results over the years have forced Physicists to admit that our consciousness and quantum mechanics are mysteriously linked. (1)

Quantum mechanics research goes one step deeper into the rabbit hole with the discovery of the physical phenomenon called quantum entanglement. This occurs when two particles are inextricably linked together no matter their separation from one another. Although these entangled particles are not physically connected, they still are able to share information with each other instantaneously — seemingly breaking one of the most hard-and-fast rules of physics: No information can be transmitted faster than the speed of light.

As far-out as the idea seems, quantum entanglement has been proven time and time again over the years. When researchers create two entangled particles and independently measure their properties, they find that the outcome of one measurement influences the observed properties of the other particle. (4)

We are all made up of quantum particles and this theory of entanglement hints at the possibility that we are all sharing information, emotions & thoughts with each other on a quantum level. Imagine the implications of that? Could our minds be connected super computers--all of us connected through our quantum particles?

What does all of this have to do with YOU and making your 2021 better? Everything! I will explain in a minute but first just a tiny bit more science...

Quantum theory is just the beginning, science doesn’t stop there, it also reveals how our thoughts "physically" affect us. Our thinking effects the “thinker” of the thoughts. Research shows that when we’re angry, scared or negative our brain draws precious metabolic energy away from the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex “decides” the amount of attention to pay to something based on its importance and how you feel about it. The more you focus on negativity, the more synapses and neurons your brain will create to support your negative thought process. With these negative thoughts, the brain can’t perform at a high or even normal capacity. When stressed, angry or scared, it’s difficult to take in and process new material or ideas, let alone think creatively or rationally. (2)

Leading scientists, doctors and researchers all over the world agree there is a definite and strong link between how we “think” and our health, life satisfaction and how we experience the world around us.(3)

Why wouldn’t all this science apply to "your" life? It does!

How many of you have been angry or stressed and said or did things you didn’t mean to? This is how anger & stress affects us. Or have you seen one person’s bad mood affect every one around them?

Now think about times you are in a “flow” state of confidence and positivity, and how that’s affected your actions and body—and the people around you. Our thoughts and emotions impact us and the people around us.

How does all of this relate back to our 2021 world TODAY and the aftermath of our unprecedented 2020….

Well, for the FIRST TIME in human history, the WHOLE world—billions of people--have been feverishly focusing on fear, division, the scary unknown, chaos, sickness, destruction, feeling out of control or trapped, blaming & judging others and hating the circumstances we find ourselves in for 10 straight months—more than 300 days.

Billions of minds have been consumed by a pulsating negativity that keeps them focused on what they (we) “don’t” want, MORE than what we do want. It doesn’t matter which side of the argument you're on about everything going matters that so many people are consistently swimming in the negativity.

One group of people aren’t responsible for this…EVERYONE is contributing to this collective focus—in their thoughts and actions.

If the science is only a tiny bit accurate…you can see that we have created a world based EXACTLY on what we’ve focused on…together. Anger, fear, blame, division, uncertainty, hate.....Haven’t you noticed that these emotions have been growing and the world keeps creating circumstances that feed these negative emotions? The science already points to the fact that we will keep recreating (in our minds) that which we “focus on” if we don’t redirect our attention. (2)

This is about US, not the outside world.

Stop for a moment and think about the fact that billions of people have been focusing on the same negative thoughts for over 10 months. The negativity seems to have grown so much that it's turning people against one another. The science hints to the fact that "we" maybe feeding the collective consciousness with our ongoing negative thoughts and emotions.

Could the science be telling us something? Should you shift your focus, regardless of what's going on around you?

The Real HOPE for 2021 is in YOUR Hands-- and Minds.

We must be the LEADERS in moving the collective consciousness from FEAR to HOPE and from HATE to LOVE…from division to unity…from insanity to sane…from lies to THE TRUTH and then maybe the outside world will follow. This may seem too simplistic for the complex world we’re in, right? How do we do this when there’s so much to hate, fear and change right now? How can one person in billions make a difference?

Remember the Science!

This may still seem Woo Woo for many of you but all great discoveries that transformed human's perception of their world, first seemed crazy. There’s much more science to support that our "thoughts and focus" have a strong connection to changing our world and ourselves, than supports the idea that "what we think and what we focus" on has NO impact on our lives.

What possible truth do you want to live from?

The research shows us that what we think, even if it’s directed at others that deserve it, those thoughts still impact OUR brains—and ultimately OUR bodies. The science also has proved that our “attention” changes the physical world around us on a quantum level--it creates what we place our attention on.

The science implies that all we think and focus on has ripple effects in our brain, the people around us and the world. This means one person could impact many. We may not fully understand what this means but this “possible truth” should be as monumental to you as the discovery of gravity, electricity or even fire.

Why do I say that? Because imagine our world if we realized that our hate for a politician is actually negatively hurting US physically and fueling more hate in all people. Or what if our fear is contributing to our inability to think rational and is contributing to the fear of the people around us? What if our emotions and thoughts are making others feel the same way, while also impairing their brains to function at an optimal level? The research implies, we ALL might want to reconsider HOW and WHAT we’re thinking….not just for our sake but for everyone around us.

So what do you focus on when you’ve been focusing on so much negativity....for so long? First admit it to yourself. Then shift your focus to....


You don’t have to focus on finding the answers, just the HOPE in something good and true. None of us really know what the “right” answers are for the world we’re in right now and that’s why we don’t need to. This isn’t about “fixing” the world, it’s about YOU finding an empowering & loving way to live in this world.

This idea of focusing on HOPE and LOVE is not just “thinking” hopeful and thinking about LOVE but living hopeful and loving in all that you do during the day online, offline, in public and in private.

All so we can stop feeding the darkness.

Living in HOPE and LOVE is the belief and trust in something good. Good for you and good for all. Not just Good for some or Good for some at the expense of others. Good for all. This kind of hope & love isn’t initiated or put into law by governments, politicians, or comes from everyday people like us. It comes in small moments in the grocery store, in the comments section of social media, in the messages you share online & offline, in how you treat people that don’t agree with you and how you choose to behave in times of conflict or challenges, in how you think and believe in the quiet moments alone and in the many tiny moments you have a choice to spread hope and love instead of darkness.

I know it's hard when we have so many issues around us right now that trigger powerful emotions inside of us.

But please remember, when you want to get angry at a person, politician or the world we live in....don't forget the science and how these emotions are going to impact YOU and the world around you. Instead, realize you can't "control" the outside world but you can control "your" quantum particles by controlling your thoughts and what you want to spread in the world. Focus on what you want to happen, not what you hate is happening. If we all continue to focus on what we "hate", we'll perpetuate it.

However, I want to make it crystal clear that I'm not saying science says you ignore the world or hide from it and just stay in your positive MIND. What the science says is be very deliberate about what you focus on and how you “think”, as you LIVE and engage in this world.

Remember, regardless of what’s happening around you….YOU are only 100% in control of YOU, nothing else. You don’t need science to tell you that. Our media, politicians, bureaucrats, experts and even our community leaders like to focus on blaming others and making you feel like things are on the edge of losing all hope… but there’s so much still within our own control. Our actions and our thoughts.

We must LEAD with HOPE and LOVE in our relationships, homes, social media, schools, businesses, conversations, and communities, in order to create a ripple effect of change. The Grand Canyon wasn’t formed through force or might, it was formed through the never-ending persistence of water.

HOPE & LOVE is like our water, when they are persistently applied to HARD situations they will transform them.



1 Read the full article on the quantum physicists experiments: BBC - Earth - The strange link between the human mind and quantum physics

2 Read full article on how negative and positive thoughts impact our brain function: How does Thinking Positive Thoughts Affect Neuroplasticity? | MeTEOR Education

3 Read full article about Positive Thinking and how it is linked to our health and health risks:


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